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Ms Arlene

Arlene first became passionate about animals in her youth when she would find strays and bring them home. Her parents were not fond of this, as I am sure many can relate. The priest at her church would called her St. Francis, every time she found a stray, knowing she would find it a good home. Little Ms Ava Ryleigh

When she first moved to Oklahoma, she volunteered for five years as an animal transporter for Wildcare in Noble. She next was called upon by her friend Nancy, who asked her to volunteer at SPOT Clinic, where she met our Doc.

She has been with Doc since 2008, as his surgery assistant, then getting hired full time as the vet assistant, later becoming the clinic manager at SPOT clinic.

In her free time, Ms Arlene likes to Kayak, as well as spending time in Montana. She loves to laugh. Her four legged family contribute to this and include;

  • Shoney, a 13 year old female Ridgeback
  • Bridger, a 7 year old female Bernese Mountain dog
  • Sky, a 3​ year old male Golden Retriever
  • Sullivan "Sully", 3 year old male Saint Bernard

Her favorite thing about her home with SpayWay is that she can help dogs & cats to live a long and happy life by Spay/Neutering them, an admirable quality, and very fitting for all that SpayWay stands for.

When she finally decides to slow down some, she’d like to be living in Montana & continuing her spay / neuter passion.

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