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Guidelines for Hosting a Mobile

Mobile Clinic Requirements**

  • Building to hold the clinic in. It must have electricity, plumbing and have heat/AC. A 220 outlet is helpful but not required. The building should be clean and large enough to hold 50-60 animals with plenty of space for a surgery and recovery area. There should also be a separate room for the cats to be held. They will be weighed and sedated their by the surgery staff. The floor must be able to be cleaned properly.

  • All animals must be in a kennel or crate. Most will come in their own but for the ones who do not have their own crate will need one provided for them. This will be the responsibility will be up to the hosting group we do not provide any.

  • A minimum of 50 animals is required (no more than 35 total dogs) with a maximum total of 60 animals. Hosting group will be responsible for scheduling and confirming the appointments as well as check in and check out at the end of the day. Depending on space and crates available you may want to stagger check in for dogs having 10 there checked in and ready to go by 8:00. Then have more come in at 9:00 and then all there by 10:00 for example. Cats could start arriving after lunch starting at 1:30 or 2:00. Typically we start with the largest dogs working down to the smallest followed by the cats. Be sure to tell the clients that the drop off time is not surgery time and that you will call when their pet is ready to go home.

  • SpayWay will arrive at clinic 7:00-7:15am set up and be ready to start by 8:00am. A full clinic will typically last approximately 12 hours depending on the numbers. We like to break for lunch at 1:00. Lunch is typically provided by the host group. This saves us time. We do have some allergy issues or no soy or legumes of any sort. Thank you!!

  • A local veterinarian willing to see any aftercare if the location is to far from OKC or Dr. Yunker is unable to see the patient himself. Dr. Yunker handles his own aftercare patients will only be sent to another veterinarian at our request with the host group covering any charges. These occurrences are rare!! 98% of aftercare calls are anesthesia related such as crying or vomiting. Some male dogs lick and some females will develop a seroma. A seroma is a fluid filled pocket that can develop directly on top of an abdominal incision. It is harmless and will reduce on its own and have no adverse effects. These are most commonly seen in the young and active.

SpayWay will provide everything needed for the surgeries for set up and break down of the surgery area.

  • Volunteers will be needed throughout the day until the last animal is gone and cleanup is complete. Volunteers are vital and you may want to schedule several shifts of them as clinic can last into the evening depending on the numbers. They must be willing to clean up any messes quickly and walk the dogs throughout the day. Help with check in and check out as well as final cleanup. The surgery team will need at least 3 volunteers at all times. One to scrub and pack the surgical instruments. A sterile pack is used for each surgery. Two for the recovery beach. Each volunteer must sign a volunteer form to participate. Any animals showing aggression will be handled strictly by the SpayWay team. There will be short training sessions to go over each area requiring volunteers.

Check In

  • Weigh each dog as they arrive having the pet owner assist with this and record on intake form.

  • One sheet per animal must be filled out completely making sure owner has signed the form. If age or breed is unknown the SpayWay staff can estimate age and breed. Make sure all animals are healthy!! This is a question on the intake form. Make sure weight and services requested are filled in with the price and money is collected and marked paid. We would recommend that you have 1 person in charge of the money box.

  • Give each client an aftercare sheet and have them initial intake form that they have received it. This will give them a chance to read the instructions and come back with any questions.

  • Each patient will receive a number. This number should be placed in dogs left ear with a sharpie. This number will fade with time or can be rubbed off when released back to owner. This number should also be placed on animals crate as well as on the intake form.

  • Each crate will need to be labeled with masking or painters tape. Label should have owners last name sex of the patient and its corresponding number.

  • Any animals showing aggression should be handled solely by SpayWay team. Please alert us of any aggressors as we may have special instructions for them or ask owner to stay and assist.


  • There volunteers must be very hands on. Recovery must be attended to and watched closely at all times to insure all patients have a comfortable recovery. The surgery patients will wake up on their own as the anesthesia wears off. Do not rub or shake the patient in an attempt to wake up!! This is where nail trims will be done as well as karo syrup given to young and low weight patients. They will be returned to crates as they wake up. The recovery beach will need to be in sight of the surgery team and have at least two volunteers at all times. We will go over recovery with the volunteers and every new volunteer. This is a vital area! Please ask questions! There are no stupid questions or concerns.

  • Recovery aka The Beach area will need to have an electric blanket and heating pads, for smaller cold patients, or several thick comforters for warmth followed by plastic to prevent soils and then a regular blanket on top of that. This will be the base for recovery. Each animal should then be placed on a towel, blanket or newspaper on top of the base. The towel, blanket or newspaper is then replaced for each new patient to prevent cross contamination. Cleanliness is key.

Pick Up

  • Before you give the owner their animal go over the aftercare instructions with the pet owner.
  • Make sure they have received an aftercare sheet and initialed for it.
  • Release happily spayed or neutered pet to their owners!!


  • Volunteers will be needed to clean and breakdown crates.
  • Mop the floors and take out the trash.
  • Set up space as we found it.

In case of an aftercare call. All calls will go to SpayWay at 405-303-1808. If necessary and the client can not come to OKC or the doctor to the client they will be referred to the veterinarian the host group has chosen. These are rare occurrences. Dr. Yunker's incisions are very small and there is little to no pain and quick healing times. All sutures are absorbable and all surgeries will receive a small green line tattoo. The animals sometimes don't even act like they have had surgery.

Please contact us at any time with any questions at 405-414-8142.
You can also email us at
There are no stupid questions!!

List of Supplies needed that are not provided by SpayWay

  • Pens & Sharpies
  • Masking/painting tape to label crates/cages
  • Stapler
  • Clipboards or adequate space for clients to fill out paperwork
  • Plastic bags for quick smell containing cleanup
  • Kitchen size trash bags
  • Paper Towels
  • Several bottles of cleaner and 1 of 10% bleach solution for kennel use
  • 1 small bag each of puppy and kitten food
  • Slip leads
  • 3 long folding tables for surgery use
  • Towels, blankets or newspaper for each animal while in recovery.
  • Recovery Base if possible if not we can provide the base for the recovery bench
  • Electric blanket and or heating pads or several thick comforters
  • Tarp or plastic covering
  • Blanket for top of the recovery bench
  • At least 3 volunteers available at all times for surgery use.
** Terms and conditions subject to change

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