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Pre Op Preparations

All pets must be contained or restrained. Cats should be in a carrier. Dogs should be on a leash or in a carrier when they are brought in for surgery. This helps insure their safety. Because surgery starts at 8am, all drop offs MUST occur between 7:15am - 8:00am, late arrivals may need to be rescheduled!

Vaccination Recomendation for Puppies

It is recommeneded puppies get at least one set of basic vaccination (preferably two) prior to their sterilizarion.

The following are non negotiable requirements.

Before Your Pets Surgery

  • Outdoor cats should be caught the night before surgery if not sooner.

  • Pets less than 4 months of age, or weighing less than 10lbs should have a small breakfast before for surgery. Feed normally the day before and lightly the morning of surgery. It is very important that little ones eat. Please let us know if your pet has not eaten.

  • Pets over 4 months of age should not have food after 10pm the night before surgery. There is no need to take away water just no breakfast the morning of surgery.

  • Bathing or trips to the groomer should be done before surgery. It will be at least 1-2 weeks after surgery before another bath can be given.
  • Please allow your pets access to the litter pan or outdoors for a potty break before coming in for surgery.

Cash Only
checks and credit not accepted at this time

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