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Services We Offer

Our clinic offers low-cost, high-quality spaying and neutering, along with vaccinations and microchipping at the time of surgery, for your convenience. We only take cash and now SquareUp Credit. For an appointment call (405) 414-8142

Standard services
Feline Sterilization $35.00  
Canine Sterilization $45.00 under 50lbs
Canine Sterilization $60.00 under 75lbs
Canine Sterilization $70.00 under 100lbs
Canine Sterilization $80.00 100lbs and over
Additional Services
Cryptorchid Testicle $10.00  
Deciduous (baby) Tooth Removal $10.00  
Previously Sterilized Feline* $15.00  
Previously Sterilized Canine* $30.00 under 50lbs
Previously Sterilized Canine* $45.00 under 75lbs
Previously Sterilized Canine* $55.00 under 100lbs
Previously Sterilized Canine* $65.00 100lbs and over
Rabies Vaccination $10.00
Annual Vaccination - Feline $5.00 FVRCP
Annual Vaccination - Canine $5.00 DHPP
Bordetella Vaccination $10.00
Other Pet Necessities
Feline Combo Test $25.00 FeLV/FIV/HW
Canine Heartworm Test $25.00 4DX
Microchip $25.00  
e-Collar $10.00  

There will be a $20 late pick up fee for animals not picked up on schedule.

Free pet chip registry do com

This microchip includes lifetime registration, aluminum lifetime replaceable ID tag, and up to $1,000 lost pet health insurance for the first year. Microchip ID number is searchable in search engines like Google. The owner’s personal information is never displayed.

* Any animal determined to have been altered, once anesthsia has been administered.

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